Boys Developing Horsepower

I travel in a professional world filled with adults who love kids and who believe in their futures.  This love is expressed through many different venues.   But the most heroic and rubber-on-the-road adults in this category are those who work at treatment facilities for teenagers with substance abuse issues.  These people dedicate their lives to bringing kids back from the brink.  I’ve met many and admire them all.

At a recent conference I met a team from the Resolution Ranch, a small facility for boys in rural Texas specializing in ranch life, complete with horses and horse care.  I love this concept because I believe every child on Earth needs to have a personal relationship with a dog and a horse, for both have magic, though in different ways.  Dogs heal the heart.  Anyone who has ever had a dog knows this.  They pour out their love to you and ask for nothing in return but for you to be you.  Horses, however, force you to balance your emotions and to be clear about what you want.  The famous Horse Whisperer Buck Branneman, in the excellent documentary about his life declares that you have to control your emotions to be a good horseman.  Some say horses can read your mind, but I’ve experienced that they actually read your heart and express whatever you are feeling at the time.  Trust me – you don’t want to feel fear or insecurity while sitting atop 1000 pounds of skittish power.

So helping troubled and lost boys bond with horses as a way to develop inner control is a genius idea.  The remarkable team at Resolution Ranch – Neal, Chris, Chelsea, Londa – take boys 13-17 years old for 6-9 months and help them find themselves again.

Scratch a troubled kid, find a trauma.  I urged them to look into EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), also known as tapping , because of its remarkable results in clearing trauma.  Talk therapy can only do so much when a child holds trauma at the cellular level.  I’ve personally witnessed miracles (including with me) resulting from energy psychology techniques.

So here’s a big shout out to my new buddies at Resolution Ranch.  What boy down deep in his heart wouldn’t want to live on a ranch, cowboy style, and learn what it means to be a man?  Troubled or not, they are the lucky ones.

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