A Tapping Script To Lower Anxiety

Tapping is the perfect first aid for both the parents of students applying to college and for the applicants themselves when the anxiety of the college application process gets overwhelming.

Check out this basic tapping video by the wonderful Jessica Ortner to learn this simple technique. And yes, it is this simple.  😉

It’s best to tap when you feel the strongest emotions.  When you get stressed, step away from everyone, find a private place and start tapping.  Here is a good script to follow- speak these words as you tap.  Feel free to add your own words, since it should fit your experience. Or you can just feel the emotion and say nothing at all.  Just feel and tap.  You can’t do it wrong and you can’t screw it up.  Your body wants to clear the excess charge on your nervous system that’s causing the pain and will respond eagerly.  You might experience yawning, which is an excellent signal that your energy is moving and the tapping is working.  You may feel very tired by the end, also a good sign, so let yourself rest for awhile.  Listen to your body.  It always knows best what it needs.

I’ve given you three rounds, but you can do as many as you want.  EFT Master Dr. Pat Carrington, creator of the “choice” method I use here, says you’ll help yourself no matter what if you tap at least 5 rounds.  I tap every day to keep myself calm and clear.

The abbreviations refer to the point on your body where you’ll tap about 5-7 times as you speak the associated sentence.  Tapping does look strange, so you might feel more comfortable doing this in a private space.  Make sure to drink some water before and after.  The body is more electric than chemical, afterall.

Round 1: 

Karate Chop (KC):      Even though I’m so upset and for good reason, I accept myself and all of these feelings.   (say this 3 times)

Eyebrow (EB):              I’m so upset.

Side of Eye (SE):          I’m so worried/anxious/afraid.

Under Eye (UE):          What if the worst happens?

Under Nose (UN):      What will I do?  How will I handle that?

Chin (CP):                     It’s all up to me and I’m feeling overwhelmed.

Collarbone (CB):          I wish I could calm down.

Under Arm (UA):         I’m so worried, upset and anxious.

Top of Head (TH):       I just want everything to be over because I can’t stand the stress.

Round 2: 

KC:            Even though I’m so stressed out and I have good reason to be – anybody would be -, maybe there is a way to see this differently.    (3x)

EB:            This upset/stress/worry is so uncomfortable.

SE:             I’ve been through trying times before.

UE:            I know this situation won’t last forever.

UN:            Maybe I just need to take a break and vent.

CP:             Maybe I can get more sleep and eat nutritious food.

CB:             This too shall pass.

UA:            I know I can calm down eventually and I’d like to feel calm now.

TH:            I accept myself and my situation completely.  That’s the way life is.

Round 3:

KC:            Even though I’m still upset/worried/stressed out, I choose to be calm, confident and relaxed.  (3x)

EB:            Calm, confident and relaxed.

SE:             I choose to know that everything is going to be OK.

UE:            I choose to see that in this moment I’m safe and all is well.

UN:           I choose to be calm, confident and relaxed.

CP:            Calming down now, relaxing my body.

CB:            It feels good to take a break and feel calm, confident and relaxed.

UA:           Calm, confident and relaxed.

TH:           I accept myself and my situation completely and choose to feel calm, confident and relaxed.  Everything is going to be OK.

Repeat as many times as you’d like.