Why I Want Everyone To Learn Tapping

Since I’ve been pitching tapping (EFT) in a few of my blogs, I figured I’d take the opportunity to tell you what I’m talking about and why I want everyone to learn the technique.

Tapping is a quick and effective way to relieve any kind of pain, whether it is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Also known as EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique (which I think is a misnomer because it works so broadly), tapping is like acupuncture without needles.  The underlying concept is that pain comes from a blockage somewhere in your energy system.  Because you don’t know where the blockage actually is, you tap on certain points on your body where some of those 80, 000 meridians that make up your vast energy system come together.  And voila…in a few short minutes, you usually get relief.

I use it everyday for something.  Last night, for example, I bumped the top of my head hard on a cabinet corner, the kind of accident I knew would swell.  I tapped for about 1 minute. The pain went away completely and I have no lump or even bruise today.  No need for ice. 😉  Frankly, there isn’t room enough in this blog to describe the many times I’ve used it and received miraculous results.  Stopped bleeding with it.  Made burns and headaches go away in minutes.  Cured flying, elevator and water phobias.  Stopped PTSD in its tracks. Tapping is especially excellent for taking anxiety down quickly, which is why I teach it to so many of my clients.  And anyone – even kids – can do it.  I want everyone to learn this because it’s the fastest and most effective way to get out of pain I’ve ever experienced.

Here is a short video to show you how to tap:

I understand your skepticism.  Tapping makes no sense based on the science we all learned in school, science rooted in Newtonian physics where the universe is made of matter and substance and follows certain inalienable rules (Newton’s Laws).  But since we left school, scientific discovery has moved on and if we choose to, we can now see the world through the lens of quantum physics, where the universe is vibrational like humming rubber bands and DNA is directly affected by the vibration of emotion.  Quantum physics trumps Newtonian physics and offers us exciting possibilities for future discovery.  Read anything by Lisa Randall, Michio Kaku or Bruce Lipton and your world will change forever.

There are many tapping videos by the field’s experts on YouTube so you can tap along.  Anything by Carol Look is great.  She is my tapping supervisor for my training and is one of the small cadre of EFT Masters.  I’m also crazy about Margaret Lynch who specializes in tapping for money issues.  I relate to Margaret alot because she is an engineer, fun, funny, slightly outrageous and extraordinarily effective.  She also takes the tapping one step further by combining it with energy concepts taught by her partner Rhys Thomas, founder of The Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine in MA.

It doesn’t matter whether or not you understand it or believe in it.  Just like gravity, it works anyway. 😉   I urge you to open your mind and use it on yourself, your kids, your animals, your plants.  Try it on anything and see for yourself.



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