Hatred is a Big Waste of Time

I’ve come to this conclusion after traveling through London’s Heathrow Airport on the eve of the Olympic games where it took one hour in line just to check-in for my flight and another 45 minutes meandering through the multiple passport checks.  (Four passport checks?  Do we really need so many?  How come one isn’t enough?) And that was before I got to the security line where the nice man advised me to put even my lipstick and lip gloss in the quart-size ziploc bag he handed me. (Lipstick too, Sir?  Really?)   As I slipped off my shoes and watch and slid them into the plastic container, I could feel my anger building.  All of this, for what exactly?  Hatred is a Big Waste of Time  Thousands of us, trying to get somewhere else, were being treated like criminals filled with malice.  It was depressing.

These days I try hard not to judge other people, having been judged so harshly myself, but on travel days I can’t help but feel anger at young men who rain down dangerous activities on innocent people to try to get their own way.

Terrorists suck.  They need to grow up and cope with life’s vicissitudes like the rest of us.

I thought about how we each have just so many minutes in our lives and I just spent 125 of mine winding from checkpoint to yet another checkpoint, doing my best to prove that I was not dangerous.  All because of hatred, a freakin’ waste of time.

But I’m struck most with the civility of my fellow travelers who do their best to treat each other respectfully even as they are being disrespected by the system.  I see travelers helping travelers, ignoring the indignities foisted upon us because of a small number of hate-filled men who have no life. There is much dignity in this and it softens my hard edge, encouraging me to stay respectful.  It gives me hope.

Less Stress, More Success

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New York Times
Our book group just read your book and it sparked more conversation than we’ve had in the seven years we’ve been reading together. Being successful professionals with busy lives and even busier children, we’re all trying to figure out how to find the time to just stop and enjoy our lives amidst so much pressure. Some of us find ourselves quoting you to our husbands and kids now, so you are our hero. ;-)
Sophia N. and Nancy R.

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