Anybody Up For An Intention Experiment?

I recently heard an interview with journalist Lynne McTaggart  Anybody Up For An Intention Experiment?about the power of intention and her intention experiments in which volunteers focus on a specific intention to see if focused thought alone can change an event or circumstance.  I myself participated in her experiment with hundreds of thousands of other volunteers from both the West and the Arab worlds on the 10th anniversary of Sept. 11th.  For 10 minutes at the same time each day for 7 days we focused our intention for peace on two specific provinces in Afghanistan.  When the data was collected and evaluated weeks later, violence in these most violent of provinces decreased by a whopping 786% over the next month, a figure well above statistical probability.

Truly, on some plane we are now discovering, human minds are all connected and are capable of extraordinary power once engaged in unified thought.

There is good news and bad news here.

The bad news is that focused mind power is like electricity – it can be used for the good or the bad.  It makes no judgments.  It just is.  This is a depressing thought since we know the destructive power of humans who hate.

But there is good news.  While it is possible for the haters to organize and focus intention for a destructive purpose, it appears from McTaggart’s experiments that the very nature of evil limits its own power, for when people are angry or hateful, they are fearful and mistrustful and have the tendency to isolate and disconnect from one another, thus extinguishing the effort’s power.  Conversely, when people focus intention for the good, they naturally open in love and compassion, linking to others, creating a lasting bond that creates an amplified effect.  So in this way, good does conquer evil in the end.

While one person’s intentions can come true with focused willpower, there is more power quicker when more than one person focuses intention on the same thing.  Just imagine how the world would change if we all got ourselves on the same page and intended a peaceful world for generations to come.

Just imagine how an entire family’s focused intention could affect the college process.  Anybody up for that experiment?

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