The Importance of Your Circle of Influence

 The Importance of Your Circle of InfluenceI have a close friend who has changed her life by attending to one important concept:  the Circle of Influence.    Your Circle of Influence is made up of the people in your life, the ones you spend time with, the ones you invest in.  They are the company you keep. They can enrich your life or hinder your growth and development so they are very, very important in ways that are not so obvious.

Through the rule of entrainment, as described on Wikipedia, “interacting oscillating systems, which have different periods when they function independently, assume a common period.”  This means that the ones with the greatest frequency slow down while the others speed up to meet somewhere different but in unison.  This explains the phenomenon of group energy and why individuals often behave differently in a group than they do alone.  The group member with the strongest frequency sets the tone for the rest, essentially entraining the group to their own frequency.  This is the same concept that synchronizes pendulums over time.

Our mothers used to urge us to avoid “bad company” because of the negative influence these people can have on us.

We’ve all experienced bad company.  Similarly, “good company” strengthens everything good in us, making us better people, bringing us positive opportunities.

My friend learned to make her Circle of Influence a conscious choice.  She pruned away people who brought her down, who took too much without giving back or who criticized her, even if they had been close in the past.  She now cultivates friendships with good people who have mastered the art of well-wishing and her life has improved immeasurably.

The first step in creating your life is to be conscious about your choice of friends and influencers.    Who do you spend your time around?  Do they drain you or energize you?   Are you happy in life and is your life working?  If not, examine each member of your Circle of Influence and decide to make some changes.  I have done this recently and can honestly say that you’ll see the difference pretty quickly.

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