The Best Health Advice You Will Get All Year

 The Best Health Advice You Will Get All YearOK, here is some great information for you about sleep (skip the sales talk and listen for the science), but since I suspect that this subject might panic you, I urge you to relax a second, take a breath and decide that you are just collecting information.

Remember, you’re on recon… you have decided nothing.  😉

That should help lower your own internal defenses if required.

This sleep expert says that sleep is where your body grows the most and repairs itself.  During the day, 85% your energy goes into supporting your skeleton and its muscles as well as your mind.  When you sleep, those parts lose the need for energy at that level and the body focuses it all on growth and rejuvenation.  This is why it takes longer to heal if you cut back on your sleep.  No one is optimum without enough sleep.

We all know this.  But we don’t live like we do.

We try to burn our candle at both ends and later wonder why we get sick.  We ignore all of the cues because our world desensitizes us and the body and spirit first speak in a whisper or a pain.  It takes effort to notice that we aren’t receiving information well enough and to commit to change.

Sleeping as long as your body wants to sleep, or sleeping at least 8 hours/night, is the best way to get the most change from the least action.

You not only aid your body’s need to repair and detoxify itself from all you are going through each day, you lower your blood pressure. You lower cortisol which is produced to numb you as you go through a frightening situation but which degrades healthy tissue over time.   Chronic cortisol is a big aging element.  Cutting back on sleep causes weight gain. By sleeping you produce enough of fat-dissolving hormone leptin and so regulate your body weight.  Enough sleep regulates your hormones and they regulate every cell.  You relax your nervous system and lower your anxiety.  You have a more positive state of mind and so things go well for you.

All because you allowed your body to detoxify.  Think of it.  So simple really, a pleasure once you get into the habit of it.

Less Stress, More Success

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New York Times
Our book group just read your book and it sparked more conversation than we’ve had in the seven years we’ve been reading together. Being successful professionals with busy lives and even busier children, we’re all trying to figure out how to find the time to just stop and enjoy our lives amidst so much pressure. Some of us find ourselves quoting you to our husbands and kids now, so you are our hero. ;-)
Sophia N. and Nancy R.

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