Once Again, Einstein Was Right

 Once Again, Einstein Was RightI’m at a conference in Chicago and love being in the midst of people dedicated to education.  There’s something pure here, something more noble than most of US culture these days (sad to say).

I’ve heard many good presentations from peers and thought leaders and fancy myself among them.  The one quote that grabbed me, though, is a quote from Einstein (how many quotes do we have from this man?  Seems many more than from Mark Twain whom I think of as Einstein’s twin soul…), which is this:

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift.  The rational mind is a faithful servant.”

Whoa.  Our entire culture is based upon the rational mind and its doings, as opposed to the intuitive mind and whatever the heck it does.  😉  And yet, humans are an impossible amalgam of both intuitive and rational due to the morphology of our brains – left hemisphere rules the logical, right hemisphere the illogical.  We were designed to be creatures of both because we have a corpus collosum.

I love the logical and was trained that way.  But the older I get, the more I agree with Einstein, that the intuitive mind is sacred and the logical mind is a faithful servant.

No wonder I left MIT…

I LOVE being a human being, imperfect, but utterly human, in every way.  And so it is for every young and older human alike.  Here’s to imperfection.  Here’s to unpredictability.

Here’s to life.

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