Should Have Already Mastered Everything**: My Quiet Revolution Continues…

 Should Have Already Mastered Everything**:  My Quiet Revolution Continues...My friend, colleague, tapping buddy, essential oil diva and all-around beautiful woman Marian Edvardsen gave me this definition of shame** that she learned from a coach of hers.  I love it because it makes me laugh out loud.  It’s so true, right?

I love that we can have a good laugh at shame’s expense for a change.

I woke up feeling blue (something I ate?  Something I dreamt?) and decided to clear some shame by calling it up.  I figured it’s a good plan to take control by desensitizing myself over time.  Hmmm, let’s see…what’s one of the biggest shame triggers I can think of?

Clothes shopping.  (I’m sure you can relate.)   regular smile Should Have Already Mastered Everything**:  My Quiet Revolution Continues...

Last time I looked, I was a svelte size 10 (8 on a good day) and now I’m not.  This past year of major transition, of confronting heinous betrayal and frustrating disappointment, got the better of me.   I’ve made a few half-hearted attempts at losing the extra weight since, but to be honest, I actually prefer my curves.  It was hard to grow up bone-thin like a guy – no girl curves at all.  My body changed when I had my daughter and now I kinda dig being more curvy than bony.  I love hugging people who are substantial and wonder why anyone would choose to have zero body fat. Heretical and counter-culture, I know, but it’s true for me.

So I went into a few clothes stores after lunch and calmly confronted my challenge.  (OMG)  Except this time I was ready.  I tried on different sizes and when I felt the mind chatter start (“How did I let this happen?  Why did I choose to eat that?”), I began tapping.  No words, of course, because I didn’t want to attract any attention to my fitting room cubicle.  I just tapped and switched up the thoughts in my head to ones of kindness and approval, releasing perfection and control.  Being good enough.  (Truth: the Old Me would be squirming to hear the New Me say these things.)

So far so good…although I didn’t expect to, I actually bought a dress and a skirt and they look cute on me.

Ding ding…Round 1 over.   Me – 1, Shame – 0

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