Today Is My Birthday

 Today Is My BirthdayMaybe because I was the middle child of five and never got enough attention, or just maybe because I’m an extrovert, I love my birthday.  Age simply doesn’t matter here – it’s the fact that every year we each get one day just for us.  When I lived in Concord, MA, I used to take my birthday off and go strawberry picking at Verrill Farm and then make strawberry jam to give away throughout the year as gifts.  It filled my trifecta need for nature, great food and making something.  I loved those days.

Now I’m in New York and the city is mine for the day.  I’ll spend it with my daughter (how lucky am I?).  Maybe we’ll see a play (Wed. matinee), which I’m inspired to do after watching the best Tony Award show I’ve seen yet.  Maybe we’ll go get a foot massage.  Maybe see the Rain exhibit at the MOMA. Maybe we’ll eat some street meat.  No matter… the simple truth is that it’s a beautiful day, a warm sunny day smack in the middle of rainy ones.  I’ll take that as a gift from the Nature Spirits.

I wish all of you the very best of everything.  I know life is hard in general, and especially now.  I know there is bad news and cynicism and fear enough to sink us all, but here is a message I got today from one of my favorite writers, Danielle LaPorte:

“Acknowledge the dark. Take the light into your own hands.”

I couldn’t say it any better myself.

My ubercoach and most-amazing-woman Donna Fedor has this goal for this year – to have a WOW moment every day.  So now I’m off to start mine and to have a few WOWs.

Love to you all.  My birthday wish is that you have a WOW moment today on me…and then again tomorrow…and the day after that…ad infinitum.  Thank you for showing up as YOU, the best birthday gift of all!


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Sophia N. and Nancy R.

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