It’s Hard To Keep From Judging Today

 Its Hard To Keep From Judging TodayI’ve been writing a lot lately about the practice of dropping judgment and seeing things through the lens of discernment instead.  It’s been one of the major lessons of the past year for me and I’ve been making great progress.  But today is Hard with a capital H.  Hard to keep the judgment from flowing and blowing all of my circuits.  Two big cases have just downright made me mad.

Hmmm…how to see this through the lens of discernment…

In Sanford FL, a jury of 6 women, 5 of whom were Moms, delivered a verdict that may have been in compliance with the law and the evidence presented during trial, but nonetheless seems to many of us in the outside world as unfair.  There is a long history of racial injustice in this nation and this looks like one more example.  What would have happened, do you think, if the deceased was white and the defendant black?  And how come every missing child case covered by the national media is about a white child when plenty of black children go missing?  Hmmm.  But I digress…

What we know to be true is that the defendant disobeyed the police dispatcher who told him to do nothing when he called in his complaint about a teenage boy he’d assumed was up to no good.  The defendant approached and then got into a skirmish with the teenager and shot him dead.  Trayvon Martin had no weapon and was murdered for no reason.

Regardless of what actually happened between the defendant and the deceased, at this very moment there is a mother out there who lost her child to senseless violence. No matter what your opinion is, it is unbearably sad for his parents. We get to go on with our lives, but this couple will have to endure theirs without the son they treasured.   All I can do is send them love to carry them through this.

As upsetting as that is, the second case has my blood boiling.  Spoiler alert – there will be judgment.

Texas just passed a truly repressive anti-choice legislation that is nothing short of mean to women.  Here’s my own ugly bias.  I don’t get that fundamentalist Christian thing and why it predominates in this secular nation.  Don’t we treasure the 1st Amendment with as much fervor as we treasure the 2nd Amendment?  Evidently not in Texas. So why are we electing legislators who are acting not out of duty to all citizens, but out of a religious agenda cloaked as morality?  Sorry, folks, but that Texan legislature is mostly men and in my world, if you don’t carry that pregnancy, if your physical life is not on the line the way it is for every expectant mother on earth, you don’t get to make the rules about it.   Can you hear me, Governor Perry?

To me, these guys are exactly like the Taliban.  Same energy.  Same bigotry.   Same phoniness, for these people are against abortion until their own daughter needs one…

There is something sinister happening here, something ugly, a sadistic desire to punish women.  I want to remind my anti-choice friends that America is a secular nation.  We are not all fundamentalists or even religious.  As long as a woman’s life is at risk with pregnancy – countless women still die in childbirth all over the world – carrying a pregnancy to term should be her choice and hers alone.  It’s no one else’s business.

So my Irish is up today and I’m struggling with my anger about these tragedies.  All I can do is pray that what goes around truly does come around and some kind of justice wins in the end.

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