My Gratitude Riff

imgres My Gratitude RiffIt’s been such a wild ride this fall that I haven’t had a moment to write, so today I’ve stolen away to my local NYC library on W100th St (great people watching, BTW), to have my guilty pleasure and blog again.

It’s Thanksgiving time.  Though I have a daily practice of gratitude, it’s well worth the time to put something into words because it’s been the most remarkable year. Metaphysicians, of whom I am one, say that the feeling of gratitude has a high vibration to it and can offer a reset to the lowest of moods.

Works better than martinis or prozac.

Yes, I’m thoroughly grateful for the inner circle of my family and friends and for all the good I live with every day.  Yes, I’m grateful for life, for my health.  I’m grateful to live in this greatest of all cities.

I’m crazy grateful for my wonderful clients and the many students I’ve fallen in love with as I’ve seen their goodness and potential.  So many beautiful kids, about to jump into another phase of life, about to get into deeper water.  I often wonder what they’ll see and experience and how that will affect them forever.  They are in my prayers almost every day, because the world is tough these days, what with privacy being a thing of the past, the rapid degradation of our ecosystems, government gridlock and corruption, senseless wars, and so many looming technology problems that I don’t have the heart to address them in a piece about gratitude.

My prayer is that these kids are the cavalry,

for my generation (Boomers, heads up) has surely failed them by making such a mess of things.

I’m grateful for my many new friends whom I love deeply despite not even knowing them this time last year.  The tragedy at Sandy Hook brought us together in the most miraculous way (“Gracehearts”, all) and I’ve borrowed the benefits of all of that tapping.  I got certified in EFT Level 2 through AAMET thanks to the luscious Jondi Whitis, the uber-generous Nick Ortner and the divine Lori Leyden.  How did I get so lucky to have fallen in with the likes of them?  With more to come, too.  😉

More recently, I’ve bonded with yet another set of stellar creatures, my Stand and Deliver buddies.  Think Marine bootcamp for 3.5 months and you get the picture.  It was the most extraordinary experience of accountability, perseverance, vulnerability, growth and love resulting in ‘increased capacity’ going forward.  I witnessed some of the most touching moments in my life with my team and was inspired every day by their bravery and honest commitment to service.

S&D made me a better person.  My buddies’ love made me a more open, authentic person.

I’m grateful for all of my colleagues in the world who work with kids, people of every stripe who commit to the sacred calling of education.  I love the feeling of simpatico I get when I team up with one, each of us eager to propel young ones forward.  Though I can’t run the world (damn!) or stop wars and conflict (double damn!), I can change the world with my colleagues one kid at a time. Sometimes I have to remember that when I feel frustrated that I’m not doing enough.

Mostly I’m grateful for the many, many teachers I’ve had in my consciousness work.  I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to start over in life and double blessed with the opportunity to see life differently than before.  This means that I no longer spend much time feeling like a victim and I sure don’t blame other people for things going wrong in my own life.

Though it takes much courage to live this way, there is so much freedom too.

And I’ve come to learn that I need freedom more than anything.

So thank you for being part of the ride.


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