A Beautiful Christmas Wish For You and Yours

images A Beautiful Christmas Wish For You and YoursI’m not religious, having jettisoned organized religion long long ago.  But I do have a calling to all things Sacred and I do believe in a Creator of All, whomever that is.  In this moment, on Christmas Eve before I leave for church in my old town of Concord, MA where my friends Patty and Jay will sing, I’m thinking of what I wish for myself and for all I love.

I’m aware that Light is consciousness.

Our very DNA radiates photons, as does the DNA of all life, so there’s something to all of this…

Rhys Thomas is a cool and uber smart guy who runs a thriving energy school in MA and best of all, he’s married to Margaret Lynch, one of my favorite EFT teachers.  He sent a Christmas email today with a prayer I’d like to share with you now.

If you think the concept of Light is too woowoo, substitute “humane”.

From a book by Joyce Rupp and Macrina Wiederkehr:

May you often pause to remember that you carry a precious gift of the Light within you.
May you greet this Light within you with gratitude and amazement each day when you awaken.
May you be led by this Light to the places in your life that are greatly in need of love. 
May the Light within you help you to find your way home to your heart when you have lost your way.
May this Light dance in your life and bring joy to those you meet each day.
May you hold the Light for your family, for your friends, for all of your loved ones, and all who are a part of your circle of life.

Here’s to remembering that love always wins in the end.  May you find comfort in the love of those all around you and Merry Christmas no matter what your beliefs.

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