I’m Feeling Verklempt

images 10 Im Feeling VerklemptToday is election day and I’m surprised how emotional I feel.  Yeah, there’s the exhaustion factor that we all feel (can this be over now pleeeease?).  But I feel something else, something that countless women who went before me, who cut the way for me, never got the chance to feel – the joy of having the freedom to vote for a woman for president.

This is neither silly nor trivial.  We American women in this era have a sense of normalcy bias, the feeling that we’re considered to be equals by the men around us. But the Trump campaign has exposed the fact that so many men do not believe that at all.

The response to his goading by those large, fanatical crowds (“lock her up”) has been shocking.  And hurtful.  And a huge reality check.

The ‘wink-wink, boys will be boys’ attitude of the Trumpsters over not only the many allegations of Trump’s sexual harassment of strangers, but also over his own pervy descriptions of women, ranging from his own daughter to his opponent, is what shocks and scares me the most.

As if Trump has the right to judge anyone.  No woman short of his own mother would give that guy the time of day if he was broke, he’s so creepy looking.

When I stare at the thousands of white men who bring their wives and kids to Trump rallies, I wonder how they would feel if The Donald said such things about their mothers and wives and daughters.  There’s almost a sense of glee that Trump has brought the dirty boy talk out of the locker room for all of us to hear.  Boys, it’s so not pretty.

Nations all over the world currently have or have had women leaders, so to quote Bill Maher, why are we always the stupid people?  We have women governors, senators, congressmen, mayors, judges.  But not the Big Kahuna.  That role has always been reserved for a man.  And where has that got us?  We have been in a constant state of war since before I was born…and I’ve been around the block a few times. Do you know how many countries the US is currently bombing?  None of us knows.  It’s 7.

It’s time that the US stops acting like a teenage boy, threatening, emotional, bullying, and starts acting like a grow up with children to raise and neighbors to look out for.

It’s time we had an equal number of women leaders as we have men, that we start acting like the best Mom on the block – loving, focused, getting everyone, even the little kids, over the line of success.

I’m not in love with Hillary.  Elizabeth Warren is my girl, but there is no doubt in my mind that Hillary is more qualified for that unbearable job than 99.999999% of us. She is literally the smartest one in the room. She’s no saint but – news flash – no one is.

Women are equal to men.  And so they deserve the same rights as men, including the right to make mistakes and move on.

I’m With Her for all the hers before me who couldn’t act on that.  And for all the hers to come who want a shot at running this country.  It’s time for women to pull us back from the brink and show us how to play nice with all of our fellow Earthlings…even the bullies.

So here’s to you: Mom, Pat, Grandma, Cap, Aunt Marge, Aunt Marie, and all the Ancestors who brought me to this moment.  Wherever you are, I hope you are feeling proud and relieved.  And at least one of you is burning her proverbial bra today.

And here’s to you: Nora, nieces, cousins, future grandchildren and the zillions of girls yet to come to this Planet.  You are free to not only walk around the cabin, you are now free to fly the damn plane.


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