The college admissions process can cause stress or growth depending on how it is approached. It is lengthy for a reason, designed to force a self-examination of interests, skills and values so that the applicant develops enough self-awareness to choose colleges best suited for their needs.

My goal is to help students identify the key elements of their authentic self so this process can be most effective. I focus on the family itself, teaching ways to lower stress and maintain a peaceful home during the process, coaching parents in the best ways to support their child.  I find that families make the best decisions when they have accurate information about how the admissions process works, so I often provide information such as:
th star white Consulting  effective steps parents can take to help their child though the process
th star white Consulting  things parents should NOT do because it can negatively affect their child’s case
th star white Consulting  how to determine the ‘match’ between the applicant and a college
th star white Consulting  the most effective use of summertime in preparation for college
th star white Consulting  the importance of GPA and standardized tests
th star white Consulting  what you need to know about extra-curricular activities and athletics
th star white Consulting  understanding how colleges think about legacies and giving
th star white Consulting  how to approach the college tour, including the most important question that no one ever asks admissions officers
th star white Consulting what a great college essay looks like through the eyes of the admissions reader
th star white Consulting the simplest, most effective way to prepare for a college interview
th star white Consulting how and when to most effectively communicate with admissions officers
th star white Consulting what to do when an applicant has been deferred from an early program or has been placed on the wait list

Every client comes with different needs and timelines.  I work with families around the world, and am available in person, on the phone, by email, and by Skype.  Please contact my office for more information and to set up a complimentary phone call.