Marilee, a popular and dynamic speaker known for her humor and clarity, has made hundreds of presentations across the US and Europe, often to standing ovations.

Marilee Jones Speaks on Creativity, Culture, and Contextualizing College Admissions

“Sometimes it seems as if we’ve lost our minds as a culture. The pursuit of the proper college often starts in preschool now, escalating into educational expectations that decrease playtime and increase academic workloads. By the time they reach high school, students are so busy with schoolwork and activities, they rarely sleep the requisite 9 hours for growing humans and many get by on processed foods that hurt their health.

Constant activity impedes creativity. We are raising a generation of children who don’t have the time or focus to dream, and therefore to create, just when America needs creativity and resourcefulness more than ever.

As a former Dean of Admissions at one of the world’s top universities, I understand the macro ramifications of the way we are raising children.

As a career college admissions officer, I understand how the college process works from the inside. My mission is to bring about a reset, to help administrators and parents value kids’ authenticity and unique potential above achievement for it’s own sake because our nation’s future depends upon it.

In my presentations I teach parents a better way to look at the college admissions process, how to support their children through it, how to create a peaceful home in spite of the stress the process invites.  I teach them to fall in love with their child again and to appreciate them for exactly who they are so they can enter the adult world in authenticity and to take their place in a society whose success depends upon all of us.

College is not the end game… it is just the next step.”

A Selection of Audiences

Professional Organizations and Conferences
• National Association of Independent Schools Headmasters
• National Association for College Admissions Counseling
• The College Board
• Harvard Summer Institute
• CASE Europe
• American Pediatric Association
• Consortium on Financing Higher Education

• Blue Cross Blue Shield
• Massachusetts General Hospital
• Fidelity Investments
• Intel Corporation
• Coca-Cola Corporation

Community/Parent Organizations
• Westport, CT United Way
• Parents Together, Greenwich, CT
• Atherton, CA parent group
• Cohasset, MA parent group

High Schools
• Philips Academy, MA
• Philips Exeter, NH
• Choate Rosemary Hall, CT
• Aspen HS, CO
• Montclair HS, NJ
• Westminster School, GA
• The Bush School, WA
• Punahou School, HI
• Marlborough School, CA
• Trinity School, NY
• Lake Forest HS, IL
• Thomas Jefferson School for Science and Technology, VA
• Portsmouth Abbey, RI

• Stressed Out Students (Stanford University)
• Harvard Business School
• University of New Hampshire
• Mt Holyoke