“The world would be a better place if everyone could spend just 90 minutes with Marilee Jones. She is truly the most inspirational speaker I’ve ever heard. She made me want to run right home and hug my kids.”

orange star Testimonials Beth M., Fairfield, CT

“Dean Jones should be known as “The Parent Whisperer” because of her amazing effect on parents. We gave her a standing ovation tonight. I’m leaving here feeling like a better person and a million bucks.”

orange star Testimonials Tom T., Wichita, KS

“We came, we listened, we laughed, we cried! This was the most enjoyable and impactful presentation I have ever heard. Dean Jones was able to reach through our cynicism and help us feel human again. Bravo!”

orange star Testimonials Ted O., Milton, MA

“I just want to say how much I loved your presentation. I only wish my husband was there to hear your inspirational words. He is very hard on our daughter, but now I know how to help them both. Thank you. I want all of my friends and family to come hear you.”

orange star Testimonials Eliza S., Palo Alto, CA

I’m a mother of two high school students and I just want you to know, Dean Jones, that your advice about preparing for college is so wise and true! I was feeling so stressed by the topic and I even began to avoid those dreaded social situations where the adults inevitably start talking about the C-word. Then I heard you speak and read your book and the most amazing thing happened. I thought, of course! And I got a grip. Now I’m more likely to think, “what would the shoreline do in this situation?” than get upset. I had almost forgotten who my children really are. Now I listen to them and feel proud to be raising such wonderful people. Thank you for reminding me how to do this right. I wish everyone could hear your message. I’m so glad that I did.”

orange star Testimonials Beth J., Concord, MA

“The information you gave at your seminar a few weeks ago has changed our family’s lives. I admit that I wasn’t a believer at first. I mean, you are such a funny and moving speaker that we enjoyed your presentation immensely, but on the car ride home my husband and I couldn’t believe what you told us about the pressures on kids’ lives today. We really thought we knew all about our kids. Well, we asked them when we got home and were horrified when they confirmed everything you told us! We had a family conference and really listened to them. And boy have they responded! Since then we’re all a lot kinder to each other. We laugh more and we listen to each other more. If I hadn’t heard you speak, I would’ve lost this precious time before my son Chris goes away to college. And I bought copies of your book for all of my friends for Christmas. A few of us plan to use it for our book club. So thank you and please, keep up your important work. Parents everywhere need you. There is no one out there speaking with your experience and philosophy.”

orange star Testimonials Sue and Jim B., Winchester, MA

“My friends and I can’t stop talking about you and your work. You are smart, funny, fun, incisive, and fearless. We quote you all the time to other people because you make such sense. Thank you, Dean Jones, for speaking out and for helping us all find our way through the dark. Go girl!”

orange star Testimonials Char N., Atlanta, GA

“I came to this seminar angry at the world and frustrated by the elite colleges who seem to care less about talented kids who are not rich or Olympic athletes. By the end of the night, though, I realized that I’ve been focusing on the end result too much and not on my own daughter’s needs. I feel soooo much better now and I can’t wait to give this college admissions thing another try. I plan to be my children’s ‘shoreline’ no matter what! Thank you so much for helping me see things in a new way.”

orange star Testimonials Jesse F., Scottsdale, AZ

“I can’t wait to see you on Oprah when she discusses “mothers who live through their children and the living hell they create”. Our community is filled with them. The peer pressure for us parents is every bit as bad as it is for our children, maybe worse. It’s been so hard to stand up to it and just let my son be himself. I’ve always been “standing behind the white line”. Tonight I’ve been vindicated! You have given me permission to be my own self. I’m not a half-bad Mom afterall.”

orange star Testimonials Carole G., Darien, CT

“Perhaps you saw me at your talk on Thursday. I was the one crying in the back row. I was crying because I’ve made so many mistakes with my daughters, but the way you speak so kindly about being a Mom yourself and making your own mistakes really touched me. God bless you and thank you.”

orange star Testimonials Gena R., Fairfax, VA

“There are many people speaking about college admissions these days. But you are unique, Marilee, because you speak not only as a Dean of Admissions but also as a mother yourself. You are so funny and kind. You are so “real”. I learned a lot from you.”

orange star Testimonials Linda J., Kirkland, WA

“Best presenter I’ve ever heard. Ever. Period.”

orange star Testimonials Richard W., San Francisco, CA

“Thank you, Dean Jones, for your humorous description of life with a teenager and college admissions. My daughter kept elbowing me all through your talk (I think I have a bruise there now) and on the drive home she told me “finally someone is listening to kids”. She thought you were great too. It is a rare person who is loved by both teenagers and their parents. I want to be you when I grow up.”

orange star Testimonials Bette J., Santa Monica, CA

“Wow. I’m not sure what just happened but I have the biggest urge to go home and hug and kiss my 16 year old son and I haven’t felt that way in a few years. You are amazing.”

orange star Testimonials Joanna K., Belmont, MA

“I’m officially a Marilee Groupie in a sea of Marilee Groupies. I have read everything you’ve written. One of your blog entries is taped to my refrigerator door. I would cross state lines to hear you speak because there is something about you that makes me feel better about life. Please keep writing and come back to speak soon!”

orange star Testimonials Maria C., Armonk, NY

“My son has a severe learning disability and I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve been ashamed of this for years. Until I heard you speak. Now I see him in a different ways with so many possibilities ahead. How can I ever thank you?”

orange star Testimonials Joan Q., Darien, CT

“After sending two kids to college, I thought I knew it all. I really thought I’d be bored out of my mind by your talk, but it was really good and I learned things I didn’t know. You are a terrific and interesting speaker. I’d recommend anyone to go see you.”

orange star Testimonials Frank S., St Paul, MN

“Thank you for speaking out about this college admissions craziness and thank you for trying to stop it. I just wish you could talk with everyone who has kids going to college next year so they don’t screw up the little time they have left with those kids at home. You are a blessing to this world.”

orange star Testimonials MJ O, Raleigh, NC